Vac Website Updates (Part 1)

Dear all,

The Sports sub-page has been made into a main page with many subpages off it. Thanks to our Sports Reps (Jenny Smith and Valery Charachon) as well as many sports teams for providing us with pictures. More are to come, especially for rowers whose page has yet to have materials provided.

The welfare pages are now nearly all up to date, with the Liberation and International page currently being created. The whole welfare page system and provisions has been updated. Thanks to Louise Chegwidden and Rohan Hazell (Welfare Officers), Katy Haigh (Women’s Officer) for liaising with our liberation reps to provide material for this.

The Democracy page has been updated by me, along with an updated Standing Policy last done in January 2014 and an updated Constitution from October 2014. The annual Constitutional Amendment summary items have been created for 2014 and 2015. A new 2016 section has been created in the meeting minutes/agendas page in anticipation of the coming term. Under this, the committee page is being updated with pictures and text being provided for by the officers. The Reps page is now up to date and includes our Sports Reps.

The DVD Collection and Room Database has been fixed by Marius Gavrilescu (Computer Rep) and I would like to thank him for removing lots of malware and other suspicious coding items from this website, as well as assisting in adding menus, changing website appearances. His help has been invaluable.

The remaining pages are soon to be updated when relevant committee members reply and provide more information or edit suggestions.

Hopefully the website will be fully updated by the start of Hilary 2016 and if you have suggestions for improvement or corrections to flag then please send a message to jcr-secretary@sjc xenical over the to report them.

With season’s greetings,

Alastair Graham

(JCR Secretary)


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