St John’s is amazing at making sure that finances aren’t a burden on your Oxford experience. So many shops take student discount here – it’s amazing! And you don’t even need to buy a NUS card, they’ll happily accept your Oxford University card. Happy days!

Hall food – Hall food is incredibly cheap, and really good value. The portions are great and really tasty too! It’s great value, and an awesome way to socialise.

Some students (including myself) get an Oxford Opportunities Bursary. This is provided for students from lower socio-economic areas. I’m finding managing my finances really easy, with the help that I have received. Loving life!

However, in this current economic climate, we could all do with a bit more cash in our pockets. So, there are grants available to all St John’s students. One that makes a huge difference is the Academic Grant where you can claim a couple of hundred pounds back for academic purchases you’ve made that year. When I started I needed a new laptop and managed to get half of the money back!

There is the Vacation Residence grant; this is available to everyone who wants to stay in college during the vacation. We get an allowance of 21 free days per year, and if there are any days that you do not use up, they carry on to the next year! So if you need to stay in Oxford for any reason during the holidays, you can do so for free!

Also available to all John’s students is the travel grant. This is a grant which allows you to get funding to go travelling. This is a great opportunity to broaden your horizons, and visit the places that you are passionate about and have some sort of relevance to your education.

Going to university is expensive regardless of which university you go to, so if you have the ability and are passionate about your subject, you should apply!