A large part of the university experience, if not the most important part, is discovering new interests and developing the passions that you already have. Societies are a central part of St John’s life and a brilliant way of meeting new people.

Keen musicians will enjoy the St John’s and St Anne’s Orchestra (friendly and non-auditioning) and the Music Society runs a number of concerts and other events. For those sing like angels, the chapel choir is the thing for you, but if your singing is more Rebecca Black than Beyoncé, then perhaps Bad Choir would be better (for people with no co-ordination, no pitch, no experience, no fear and no worries). If the play’s more your thing, perhaps you should check out the Mummers Drama Society. There is also a St John’s Poker Society, an active Christian Union, the list goes on.

College Freshers’ Fair is the best time to find out just how many societies there are. Most of the clubs and societies will have representatives so do spend a bit of time wandering around chatting to people. It’s also worth remembering that societies are eligible for free wine at formal hall on Thursdays (as if you needed another incentive).