At John’s, it’s possible to balance a healthy social life with the high academic standards that the college prides itself on. I’d be lying if I said that the jump from secondary education to Oxford isn’t a big one, but, with the support from our tutors and other academic staff we give it a good go!

What makes the Oxford experience so unique is the tutorial system where you meet in small groups to discuss your work with experts in their field.

As a scientist, even with plenty of lectures on a given subject I often don’t understand it until my tutor helps it all fall into place, and arts students often say that the tutorial is an invaluable time to help you develop your ideas and reasoning skills. St John’s has a very well stocked library, and even if you have to venture that bit further to your faculty to find that pesky book on your reading list, the central location ensures this is usually no more than a 10 minute walk. A fantastic team of peer supporters are on hand if you’re feeling a tad stressed and careers advisors are available throughout your degree.