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The JCR's liberation campaigns help ensure that the voices and needs of minority groups are listened to, respected and promoted.

The JCR sees liberation as the seeking of equal status and freedom from all forms of oppression, and against all forms of injustice. To do this, the JCR appoints Liberation Officers and Reps to ensure the voices of as many groups as possible can be heard in making decisions.

The Liberation Officers and Reps work both within the College community and on wider issues in society. They also work together to ensure that the JCR takes an intersectional and accessible approach to liberation.

The current liberation rep positions are:

  • Class Liberation Rep
  • Disabilities Liberation Reps
  • Ethnic Minorities Liberation Reps
  • International Students’ Liberation Rep
  • LGTBQ Liberation Rep
  • Minority Gender, Non-Binary and Transgender Liberation Rep
  • Women’s Liberation Rep

To find out more about these positions, contact the JCR Secretary. Details about the Officers can be found on the Committee page.