Charities and RAG

St John’s Fundraising:

Our Charities Rep(s) work hard to organise events and fundraisers to raise money for the St John’s JCR Charities Fund. This can include anything from selling charity jumpers to barbecues and Formal Hall swaps with other colleges. Charity events can be a great part of college life, as well as an important way to fundraise for fantastic charities.

St John’s as part of RAG:

St John’s also coordinates its fundraising with the university-wide Raise and Give (RAG), which is responsible for overseeing all charity fundraising by Oxford Students. RAG runs events throughout the year, from skydives to RAG blind date, themed bar crawls to city breaks, all in aid of having a good time and lining the pockets of worthy causes.  Last term St John’s students participated in several RAG events, including the Jailbreak and the RAG ball. RAG also helps to coordinate and encourage involvement in charity campaigns, which the charity rep(s) help to publicise, such as Movember.

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Giving To Charity:

Charities Motions: At the JCR’s Termly Charity Meeting, these are a great way that the JCR can help smaller individual projects or larger national charities which really mean something to the members of the JCR. Any member of the JCR may bring a motion asking for up to £300. If the amount we agree to give exceeds the budget, the fund is split in proportion to the amounts agreed for each cause.

 If you would like to bring a charities motion, please read the information about submitting a motion on the JCR here and send your motion to the JCR Secretary (, using this template.
Emergency Charity Motions: Up to £300 can be given to any appeal by the Disaster Emergency Committee via this motion type which can be introduced at any JCR Meeting.