The food is one of the highlights of St John’s life and that’s no mean feat. The meals in hall are cheap, frequently delicious and extremely varied; there are always exotic looking vegetarian options for the less carnivorous, and even those with the most voracious of appetites will struggle to splash over £4 on the lunchtime buffet.

Informal and Formal Hall take care of the evening meal, differentiated only by the addition of a starter, gowns and about 25p to the latter.

If you find trekking all the way to Hall too much of a hassle then the Bar offers a range of Panini, Pizza and Baked Potato options. Fancy eating in style? The shiny new Kendrew Quad Cafe dishes up a lunch option every day, and do amazing coffee!

College provides most accommodation with kitchens of a certain standard, with guaranteed kitchen access in your first year, but it’s reassuring to know you’ve got hugely subsidised and tasty food prepared for you less than 100 metres away!