Once you get past the talk of being the richest Oxford College (may take a while), St John’s is a myth busting college that has an easy going student body with strong academic performance.

Life at St John’s is fun and chilled out. It is very diverse with a strong community spirit. Students come from all types of background and countries with a wide variety of experiences. It is very common to make new friends within minutes of arrival and feel settle in within days. There are many things on offer all year long.

For sports and fitness, there are 24 hour on-site squash courts, two well-equipped gyms, football and rugby pitches, tennis and netball courts, cricket and croquet facilities. Don’t worry if you are not into sports, there are 4 different computing rooms with up to date software, well stocked library, easily approachable tutors and ridiculously knowledgeable porters if you ever need to find your way round Oxford.

Living costs are well priced compared to many other places in the university. You will find that there is a three course dinner for £3.50, accommodation prices that are below Oxford’s commercial rate and close accessibility to transport facilities and university departments. In addition, there are many JCR events during term time where free food and drinks are available. The college liaises with the student body to continuously update facilities.

More importantly there is a first class support system, financially, welfare or otherwise. Financially, it includes: Academic grants, vacation grants, special grants, hardship fund, travel grants, scholarships, awards, prizes and many more. From a welfare perspective, there are friends, college parents, peer supporters, welfare officers, counsellors, nurse, doctors, chaplain, deans and many more college and university support systems.

Whether it’s books, sports, society or entertainment, you can be sure that there is something for you. And if there isn’t, you can get a group of students together and create it, for example newly created societies like the St John’s College Poker and St John’s College basketball team.

This is not all. If there is something that you need or feel will contribute to your student experience, there is a JCR committee that represents you so that it can be provided. Recently, we have had bouncy castle, supported numerous charitable activities and now bough barbeques requested by students.

In truth, there is something for everyone.