I am very chilled and happy most of the time. I’m also dead keen on sailing!

Day in the life of an Engineering Student

Often I’ll wake up early and hit the gym, or…

Wake up and grab some breakfast in my room, check my emails and diary to see what I’m supposed to be doing during the day.

Lectures – every morning engineers have two 1 hour lectures, always on different topics. The engineering building is a 5 minute walk from college, which is ideal if you’re running late.

I usually try to do work during the day rather than in the evening, so pack in an hour or so before lunch.

Lunch in hall –there’s also often a free lunch to be found somewhere around college, be it a women/men’s lunch, a welfare lunch or a dean’s lunch.

Probably some more work – I try not to do work for a long time without breaks, so probably have a food/tea break with friends at some point in this period, and catch up.

A tutorial – engineers have two tutes a week, during which we go through a problem sheet that’s been set.

Dinner – I’ll probably team up with one or two others and we’ll make some pasta/ pizza/ whatever is on offer in Tesco – otherwise we’ll go to informal hall as a group.

I usually spend my evenings at extra-curricular activities, be it climbing at Brookes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Christian Union on Wednesdays, going to the pub with friends, drinking copious amounts of tea and eating too many biscuits, or catching up on work as I’m usually away from Uni over the weekend.

I try to take some time to get myself ready for the morning, as I’m a huge over-sleeper. It’s also usually around this time that I’ll pop in to see my neighbour on my staircase and eat more biscuits/ cake and just chill for a bit.

If I’m really behind on work I’ll grab some coffee and plough through some more of a problem sheet or some lab prep! Otherwise I’ll call it a day and hit the pillow…

Day in the life of a PPE Student

The alarm goes off. I flail around until I hit the off button.

Breakfast. Toast and Nutella: the best possible combination.

Do some reading for my essay. Either find some articles or return to a book, depending on the topic and the reading lists.

Head to lectures (11.00 – 12.00). Given the day, it would probably be economics lectures, since there tend to be quite a lot more of them than there are for Politics or Philosophy and they save on tons of reading.

Get back, check emails, ignore invites from various societies I signed up to in Freshers’ Week that I keep forgetting to unsubscribe from.

Lunch in hall. Maybe have desert too, promising myself I’ll go to the gym later.

Lunch in hall. Maybe have desert too, promising myself I’ll go to the gym later.

Either go to my room or the college library for some more reading, writing and general college work. If it’s closer to a deadline then most of this will be writing for my essay, otherwise I tend to just read and make notes.

Get the bus to Cowley for a practice with my local band. Make a lot of noise, start a couple of new trends.

Get back to college.

Either go to the gym (hopefully) or the bar (probably).

Bed, maybe read (non-work related books) for a bit.