Democracy in the Junior Common Room

St John’s JCR maintains a strong and fair student democracy and has since its creation. There are many features of the JCR which allow help to maintain this system whereby the democratic power always lies with the members of the JCR. Below are is a short list of these:

(1) The JCR Meeting – the main organ and policy making forum of the JCR. All members may attend and vote on motions affecting the JCR and through this the decisions which are taken can be shaped by everyone who wishes to participate.

(2) The JCR Elections – every 4th Week Michaelmas Term a new President and Vice President is elected by JCR members with the rest of the committee elected in 7th Week Michaelmas Term. “Reps” are ratified in JCR Meetings and require termly re-ratification.

(3) The Complaints Procedure – if a member is ever dissatisfied with the performance of an officer, rep or committee they may submit a complaint to the Returning Officer in accordance with the following rules: Complaints Procedure Rules. This will help hold JCR officials accountable to you.

(4) Censure, No Confidence and The Recall Mechanism – these tools give you the power to get an apology (via censure), remove an official from their role (via No Con) or to make an elected officer face a potentially contested re-election (via Recall) if 50 members submit a petition to that effect.

(5) A JCR Referendum – for the big questions, it is possible to request a full referendum where every member gets a vote to decide the outcome.