Peer Supporters

The Peer Supporters are a huge part of the Welfare team! They receive 30 hours training (just like the Welfare Officers) and can be contacted by anyone about anything! Peer does not in any way mean that you need to know them so feel free to contact anyone on the team. They provide confidential and impartial listening support, and are all very friendly and approachable!

Our Current Peer Supporters

Johanna the Chocolate Faerie

St John's Resident Chocolate Faerie!

Johanna – John’s Resident Chocolate Faerie!

Johanna the chocolate faerie is part of the St John’s Welfare system. She magically pidges the good people of the Republic of St. Giles treats whenever they might be feeling down!

If you know someone who may need Johanna’s care and goodwill, just e-mail , or post a message on her facebook page, with their name, and perhaps even a reason why they deserve their chocolate surprise! Johanna will deliver something delicious to their pidge by the end of the week, with a note explaining that they have benefited due to the recommendation of an anonymous friend.

Johanna in the Pidge Room

Johanna in the Pidge Room

St John’s JCR always seeks to represent people from all backgrounds so find out more about the liberation officers in our welfare system here.