University is often the first time many people have been in an environment where they are actively encouraged to develop and question their own opinions and ideas. It is the responsibility of liberation reps and officers to ensure the voices and needs of minority groups are heard and considered by looking into issues affecting students at St Johns, the university as a whole, and the wider world.

Many of us are actively engaged with the equality campaigns affiliated with Oxford SU.

We attend meetings and protests, and some of us hold positions on these campaign group’s committees. If you think you would be interested in contributing to these campaigns then JCR liberation reps are a great place to start learning more about them; and there’s no need to feel nervous about taking the plunge and joining in, we would be happy to accompany you to meetings!

We work closely with one another in order that all our work is intersectional and accessible, and we keep in touch with our counterparts in the middle and senior common rooms to ensure college is tackling inequality at all levels.

There still exist many challenges as a minority student in Oxford, but St John’s is wholeheartedly committed to promoting equality and ensuring all of its students feel comfortable and safe to be themselves. It is our goal to make St John’s a great experience for everybody, so please voice any concerns, questions or worries you have with us. We’re always happy to help in whatever way we’re able!

Liberation Representation


In addition to these Liberation Officers, there are assistants called Liberation Reps for each of the above liberation groups. If you would like to contact a specific Liberation Rep, please contact the Secretary.

Class Liberation Rep

Disabilities Liberation Reps

Ethnic Minorities Liberation Reps

International Students’ Liberation Rep

LGTBQ Liberation Rep

Minority Gender, Non-Binary and Transgender Liberation Rep

Women’s Liberation Rep