JCR Referenda

The outcome of a referendum in a given academic year is binding on the JCR General Committee, and shall take precedence over any motion on the same subject passed by a General Meeting until the same day in that full term in the following academic year.

Calling a Referendum

A referendum can be called in the following circumstances:

  • If a JCR General Meeting motion passes resolving to hold a referendum on a given topic.
  • If an JCR General Committee Meeting called by the President and a majority of the General Committee believe that a Referendum should be held. At least 50% of the total number of Committee members must be in attendance. If there is a tie the President shall have the casting vote.
  • If a petition is signed by at least 50 full members of the JCR and is presented to the President, Secretary or Returning Officer.

The question will be drafted by the President and the Returning Officer in spirit of the original request and shall be approved at a meeting of the JCR General Committee with the same requirements as above. There shall also be a short accompanying document explaining the implications of the question – i.e. what it is and what the voting options mean in practice.

The Notice of Poll is distributed and a special Referendum Debate is held by the Returning Officer so that the JCR may fully discuss the issues and implications of the question being voted on.

The Returning Officer will issue a Notice of Poll within 36 hours of either the close of the ECM or receipt of the petition.


Any full member of the JCR may cast a vote in the referendum. The result will be determined by a simple majority using the plurality voting system (first-past-the-post).

For more information take a look at the Constitution.