About the JCR

The Junior Common Room exists to make student life at St John’s the best that it can be!

The JCR is the undergraduate student union of the college, existing to serve its members. It does so in a variety of ways; by organizing Freshers’ Week, running bops, providing welfare support or negotiating to get students the best rent deal. JCR officers sit on the College’s governing body and other committees – representing students to the college and, along with Oxford SU, to the wider university.

The JCR’s operations are overseen by a committee of officers, headed by the JCR President. Full details on each officer are available on the JCR website. Officers’ terms run for one calendar year, with elections held at the end of Michaelmas term. There are also multiple rep roles, from supporting international students, to looking after the JCR DVD collection or the JCR Bike Scheme.

Aside from elections, the JCR provides a plethora of opportunities to get involved in College life, including: Peer Support, the Student Ambassadors Scheme; which trains students to assist in vital access work with school visits, open days and during interviews, Freshers’ Week Commitee, Entz Committee and so much more!

The JCR holds full meetings for all undergraduate members at least three times per term, usually on Sunday evenings. All you need to do is attend meetings (even on an empty stomach!!) with lots of love for the JCR and there will be a mountain of free food. You can hold your officers to account, ratify reps, allocate JCR money and charity donations, and most of all,  raise the issues that matter to you; whether that be hiring a bouncy castle as a revision antidote, or debating the JCR’s response to government decisions on higher education funding.

The JCR exists to serve and represent the student interests. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to approach any JCR officer.