Oxford really shouldn’t be that much more stressful than any other university but with that massive work load we know that it can sometimes get a bit too much. Fortunately, there is always someone to help when you’re feeling under too much pressure or if everything has just got a bit much. There are a variety of ways of seeking welfare support from the Peer Supporters to Nightline to the Counselling Service and there’s no wrong way of going about it. There’s always someone to talk to and whoever you choose, we’ll find a way of helping you out.

We’ve organised the team into college students and staff, university wide and some more general information so you know exactly who and what is out there for you! You can follow the links on the right hand sidebar or the hyperlinks at the bottom of each page to get to all of these pages.

Welfare Officers

Contact Us: jcr-welfare-mmg@sjc.ox.ac.uk or jcr-welfare-wmg@sjc.ox.ac.uk

We are the Welfare Officers! We are here for you 24/7 to help with any problem that you might have, big or small. Feel free to contact us any time by text, Facebook, knocking on our door or email, we will always be happy to talk.

The Welfare Officers are not the only trained people to talk to around college – find out more about the Peer Supporters here.

Other bits we do:

  • TW tea:

This is held in the JCR and involves the distribution of all kinds of exciting food! This is a great opportunity to come down and meet the Peer Supports, the Officers, have a good chat with the rest of college and, if you like, eat some free food!

  • Welfare Lunches:

Fortnightly, free food and fun, enough said.

Welfare Supplies:

The Welfare Officers can also supply free of charge condoms, lubricant, dental dams, attack alarms and pregnancy tests. For any of these products fill out this form: tinyurl.com/condomform

We can also reimburse the cost of the morning after pill if you pidge us the receipt and a note. Just contact us by any of the ways suggested above and we can pidge you whatever you need, drop it off to you or you can come by to collect it. All requests are totally confidential, free and super easy.