Room Ballot

Browse the (slightly outdatedrooms database and take a look at some of the available rooms below:

We are very lucky to be provided with college accommodation for all the years of our degree and have college subsidise our rents to be the cheapest o all Oxford college with a small variance between different room grades. In first year, freshers are allocated a room by college and in remaining years students are allocated rooms through a JCR run room ballot process.

Your score is worked out from the total JCR points scores of your rooms (B = 7, B- = 6 etc.) for the past 2 years. The lower your score, the higher you are on the ballot and the more chance you have of getting the room you want.

There are four ballots all together- Finalist Ballot, Remainder Finalist Ballot, Remainder Ballot and the Housing Ballot.

First years

All current first years are automatically on the Remainder Ballot for now, but you will have the chance to take part in the Housing Ballot instead. This is where groups of people ballot for a house of various sizes – usually 5 to 8 people. These are in limited supply so not every group can get a house.

Second years

  • All current second years who are doing a 3 year course are on the Finalist Ballot.
  • All current second years doing a 4 year course or with an option to do 4 years will have the option of whether to be on the Finalist Ballot or the Remainder Finalist Ballot. You can only be on the Finalist Ballot once in your time in college, so think carefully about which ballot you go on for next year. Unless anyone emails the Vice President specifically, it will be assumed that all those second years with a choice want to be on the Finalist Ballot this year.

Third years

All those third years doing a four year course are on whatever ballot you chose not to be on last year, i.e. if you chose Finalist last year you will now be on the Remainder Finalist Ballot.

Dates of the ballots

These ballots will take place every Hilary Term between 5th and 6th Week.

Please consult the Constitution for a more detailed look at the processes before contacting the Vice President with questions.