JCR Representatives

Reps aren’t elected, but are ratified at a JCR meeting. Each of these reps play an important part in ensuring that the JCR runs smoothly, whether it be manning the DVD Collection (DVD Rep), or providing enough carrot sticks and Quality Street to make sure that we all make it to the end of a JCR meeting (PRAT).

Here is a document which explains each of their many useful roles: Rep Role Summary.

Who are your JCR Representatives?

Alumni & Development Rep: VACANT

Art Reps: George Wilson

Bike Rep: Benedict GardnerSeb Towers

Charities Rep: VACANT

Computer Reps: Marius Gavrilescu and David Videnovic

DVD & TV Room Reps: Joshua Clements and Kai Laddiman

Oxford SU Reps: Ankit Ranjan

Person Responsible for Alcohol & Treats (PRAT) Reps: Alfie Deere-Hall and Håvard Yttredal

SJCTV Reps: Kevin Beeson  & Gabriella Farah

Social Media Rep: Astrid Ingemann BreitensteinIssy Stephens

Sports Rep: Georgia Ling & Leanne Smith

Staff Liaison Reps: VACANT

If you are interested in running for a Rep position, please email the Vice Presidentand you may be ratified at the next JCR meeting! You will need to give a short hust, to say why you think you’d be a good Rep. Reps are then re-ratified at the end of each term.