Welfare Blog – Sunday 4th Week (03/02/13)

I thought that this week I would revisit Mr Slater’s fantastic little book, and give you a lovely little recipe:


Blue Cheese Pasta (for two)

-225g dried pasta (anything will do, but it works well with ‘non spaghetti’ varieties ie. penne, fusilli etc.)

-175g soft blue cheese

-50g butter, cut into small cubes

-fresh black pepper


Cook the pasta in boiling water until done (around 5-10 mins). Meanwhile, mash together the cheese and butter in a large serving bowl.

When the pasta is done, drain it and toss it with the cheese and butter in the serving bowl, give it a good grind of fresh black pepper and enjoy!


Yes, it is that ridiculously simple! I found a fork will suffice for the mashing/ tossing, and that it goes well with a nice salad!

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