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About your JCR

The JCR is run for and by its members.

The JCR, or Junior Common Room, consists of all of the undergraduates at St John’s. Its members, and more specifically the JCR committee, are charged with the task of using its dedicated budget wisely in order to organise provisions (often free) and put on (amazing!) events. The committee and your President also work to represent the views of members more widely on college committees and at the Student Union/University level.


The St John's First XI celebrating winning the top division.

What makes the JCR so unique and special? Well, think student union of a typical UK university… but on a smaller (and hopefully better) scale! It’s so much easier to…

  • get your voice heard at one of the 4 meetings a term;
  • get involved and run for positions, be it as a Rep or as an Officer;
  • make a real difference to both life within college and further afield.

Not convinced it’s for you? Not everyone is! But, we’re pretty sure that everyone benefits from it in some form, at some point. For example, each year a selection of the committee negotiate with College over rent, living costs, grants, and the JCR budget on behalf of all St John’s undergraduates. 

Forget what you might have heard about student politics – this JCR is for everyone, and we’re looking forward to hearing your ideas!

If you ever have any questions or ideas but don’t know where to start, drop an email to