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Welfare at St John's.

Oxford really shouldn’t be that much more stressful than any other university, but with that massive work load we know that it can sometimes get a bit too much. There should always be someone to help when you’re feeling under lots of pressure, or if everything has just got a bit too much. There are a variety of ways of seeking welfare support from the Peer Supporters to Nightline to the Counselling Service and there’s no wrong way of going about it. There’s always someone to talk to and whoever you choose, we’ll find a way of helping you out.

Unsure who to go to? Have a look at the….
Welfare Map (PDF)  |  Welfare Contacts List (PDF)

The Welfare Officers

There are three elected JCR welfare officers – at least one identifies as wholly or partially female, and at least one other as wholly or partially male. They share a single email inbox,; if you would like to reach out to one of them in particular, it is best to use their personal email address.

The Welfare Officers are responsible for distributing welfare supplies, such as sanitary products, condoms, and pregnancy tests, which can be requested using this form. The Welfare Officers also arrange frequent welfare lunches, which are free and advertised by email.

Peer Supporters

Peer Supporters are students who have been trained to listen and offer support to students. They are always available to contact or talk to confidentially about anything that’s worrying you. They can offer support and impartial advice or just a cup of tea and a chat.

College and University Support

The College also provides welfare support, including through the Welfare Dean and a dedicated counsellor. More information about this support can be found on the college website.