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The Entz Officers arrange entertainment for the JCR.

The main form of JCR entertainment are bops, which usually take place every two weeks in the Kendrew Events Room (down the stairs in the from the main entrance to Kendrew) with the finest student DJs and bop juice. Other events arranged by Entz include bops at clubs, quizzes, and a summer garden party. Look for updates on the St John’s Entz Facebook Page.

The Entz officers can also usually help with getting club discounts and tickets. Email or message the officers for details.

Get involved:

We have an entz sub-committee, with music, tech, multimedia, creative and non-bop roles, email to get involved or follow the Facebook page at for updates.

If you’re interested in helping at bops at the bar, door, or as a DJ, look for the spreadsheet that usually gets posted on the JCR Facebook page in the week before a bop.