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College Life

At John’s, college life is so vibrant and varied! From governmental JCR meetings to partying at a bop and settling down for a meal after a long day. After only a short time, you’re sure to feel like John’s really is your second home. But what’s on offer?

The JCR essentially runs a lot of the day-to-day happenings for undergraduates at John’s. There are loads of JCR officers each with a role integral to the smooth running of each term. From the room ballot to welfare and BOP’s nothing much would run without the JCR. To find out how it works and how to get involved read through our JCR page and peruse the JCR website!

Food! We’re lucky at St John’s to have a fantastic catering team in college. Almost every day they provide delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners and sometimes even brunch on a Sunday! They also cater for more exciting events like guest dinners, formals and event dinners like tutors dinner during freshers week. Be sure to check out the main food page for more info on timings and prices!

Welfare provision is fantastic at John’s so you should always feel like you’ve got someone to talk to when you need it. Our three JCR welfare officers, Alex, Ariadne, and Zoe, have put together some helpful resources, like a ‘map’ of welfare in college, accessible in our welfare section. Of course, college families also play an important part so be sure to get clued up!

You’ll never be stuck for a good night out (or in!) at John’s with bops, the bar and the nightlife of Oxford. More details can be found on our entertainment page. There are also loads of exciting alcohol-free things to do like G&D’s (some of the best ice cream in town!), the university botanical gardens and all the museums of oxford. Be sure to read through the alcohol-free page!

St John’s is one of the largest colleges by physical size and so can be a bit of a maze when you first arrive. Have a look at the college map (maybe even print a copy!) to familiarise yourself with some of the more important locations. Remember, any student (not just freshers helper/committee members) will be happy to direct you if you get a little lost!

And, of course, we mustn’t forget the Oxford lingo! Know your crew date from your cuppers? What could plodge mean!? Peruse our jargon buster and you’ll be up to speed in no time!