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College Families

Before you arrive you will be sent the names of your two or three college parents. These are usually second years who have registered for children. There will normally be at least one who reads your subject – helpful for when you get stuck on a tricky topic! We strongly recommend adding your parents on Facebook and making a family group chat. This way you can say hello to your siblings as well (other first years) and ask any questions you don’t want to ask on the big freshers’ chat.

Your parents should invite you for dinner in the first week, so make sure to tell them if you have any dietary requirements. If you don’t know who your parents are a few weeks after results day, then please message welfare so they can find them for you. You’ll find Welfare’s email address in the welfare section

Through first year you then have the choice to get engaged. This is a platonic relationship so you can become a parent in your second year. There’s no need to rush into it, the vast majority won’t get engaged in the first few weeks and you don’t want to be stuck with the wrong partner. The only rule is that you cannot marry someone who does exactly the same subject as you – so a History student could technically ‘marry’ a History & Politics student.

In Trinity term (third term) there is a marriage ceremony where there is a group vow recital, certificates are given out and a lot of fun ensues.

It feels a bit strange to say I have a college wife! Just as, when I first joined college, it felt a little odd to have college parents and a college brother. Nonetheless, I have really benefited from having them around. My college wife and I might be in different friend groups but, since we made sure to meet up for ‘couples drinks’ in the bar every few weeks, we have become great friends over the year – Andrew, Chemistry