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The JCR is both a charity in its own right and, separately, supports other charities in Oxford and further afield.

St John’s College JCR represents undergraduate students at St John’s College, Oxford. The JCR is an excepted charity under the Charities (Exception from Registration) Regulations 2010 and a Student Union for the purposes of the Education Act 1994. The purpose of the JCR is “to promote and further the wellbeing and academic, sporting and cultural interests of the undergraduate students of St John’s College”. Everything the JCR does needs to be in line with its purpose.

Separately, the JCR raises money from students (through the JCR Charity Levy) and then distributes these funds at a termly meeting dedicated to giving money to charity. Any member of the JCR can suggest a charitable cause through proposing a charities motion. More information about charities motions will be sent before the meeting.