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Finance & Support

Fees and government support.

University fees

For UK and EU students, the University charges a yearly tuition fee of £9,250. Usually, students get the UK Government to pay their tuition fees. This is then repaid after leaving, but only if you earn over a certain amount, and repayments are based on your income, rather than the amount that you owe. Eligibility is restricted to UK and EU students studying their first degree. More details can be found on the Oxford University website.

International students generally pay more in fees and cannot access UK Government funding. Fees vary by course and can be found on the University website.

Living costs

UK students are eligible for government assistance towards their living costs. This assistance comes in the form of a loan or a grant, depending on where they live and their household income. Non-income assessed loans (repayable after graduation) are around £4,168 per year, while income-assessed loans go up to a maximum of £8,944 per year depending on household income.

St John's is one of the cheapest colleges to live at.


St John’s provides accommodation to undergraduates for the duration of their course. These rooms are well priced compared to other colleges and are all located in the main site. There is detailed information about accommodation and rents on the College website.

While most students stay in College for the duration of their course, some students ‘live out’ in non-College accommodation.

Other costs

The average living costs per term (including accommodation) are around £2,600. However, these costs can be reduced depending on lifestyle.

Students can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in the hall. The College subsidises this food and, on average, lunch is around £3 and dinner is around £4. More information can be found on the food page of this website and on the College website.