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Overseas Students


Most importantly, make sure you hold a valid British Visa which lasts the duration of you entire course. More information can be found on the UK government’s website.


It is advisable to open a UK bank account once you reach the UK. Battels have to be paid quite early on in term and it is easier from a UK bank account. You can either organise an appointment before you arrive or try walking into one of the highstreet banks in Oxford (though they do get booked out far in advance for the first few weeks). Find out more about finance in Oxford in the finance section.

EU and Brexit

Oxford has made a page for FAQs regarding the EU. Here there is information about funding and VISAs specifically for those students starting in 2020/21. The page can be found here.


If you are travelling from far away you won’t be able to pack the car to the brim like home students can. This doesn’t mean you should necessarily have less stuff. Don’t waste luggage space on more practical things like bedding, hangers etc as these can easily be bought from Argos and other shops near college. Stationery can be bought from WHSmiths or Tesco. Books can generally be found in libraries, and the John’s library orders books in if they are going to be useful to students in the future. There are also bookstores in town if you want to buy some to keep.


It may be helpful to buy a UK phone or even just a pay-as-you-go SIM card. This will allow you to call other numbers in Oxford without paying overseas rates. If you don’t want to buy a new handset, buy a new SIM and keep the box so you can swap the two SIMs in and out of the phone. The reception for O2 is awful in John’s, so use a different network provider. EE has the best reception around College and Oxford.

Moving to the UK can be a little daunting, you will notice English people do everything differently: drive on the left side of the road, overuse the word ‘sorry’, different plugs… but remember everyone is feeling exactly like you, university is a new experience for everyone and soon you will strangely be calling the UK and college home – Adelita, Engineering

If you have any questions be sure to get in contact with Sarah Jones, the college admissions officer, at