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Rooms Around College

These rooms are shared spaces, so you can’t ‘claim’ any of them for yourself; for example, the biggest group decides who gets to control what’s on in the TV Room. The exception is the DVD Room: you can book it if you need it at a certain time, for example for a movie night.


The JCR (as in the literal Junior Common Room) is next to the TV Room. It has a printer (free to use!) and some couches to do work or fall asleep on, and sometimes hosts JCR events like Winedown.

The TV Room

The TV Room is at the entrance to TW3, on the left. It has a TV, Sky box, Wii, Xbox 360 and a stack of video games. Great for watching football, Love Island or anything you fancy!

The atmosphere in the TV room can verge on the festive during major sporting and other entertainment events (namely football tournaments, Eurovision and the like). All in all, not a bad place to be! – Alessandro, History and French

The DVD Room

The DVD Room is the hardest to find: opposite TW8, there’s a door marked ‘Junior Common Room’ which is unlocked by the long bike shed key; the DVD Room is inside and on the left. It has a PS4, a shiny new TV and another Xbox 360. The place to go for FIFA tournaments and movie nights.

The Games Room

The Games Room is at the very bottom of TW4, below the bar. It has a pool table, jukebox, a (very old) dartboard and table football. It’s your best way into the shadowy Oxford poker scene.

Guest Rooms

There are guest rooms for your parents or visiting relatives, which can be booked at the plodge. There are two twin-bedded guest rooms for the use of current students. Typically, they’re a lot cheaper than other options so you must book quite far in advance to secure your slot!