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Standing Policy

Standing Policy motions set out what you'd like the JCR to work on.

Anyone can submit a Standing Policy motion. Once passed, items are added to the Standing Policy which sets out the JCR’s beliefs and the kind of policies JCR Officers should seek to promote. Items lapse after 3 years if not removed earlier, but can be reintroduced as a new motion.

See the latest Standing Policy document below, as well as an archive beneath.

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It is unfortunate that the way the Standing Policy works makes it hard to cover the breadth of policy over the years (i.e. that beliefs and resolutions lapse, or are removed at different times). A significant number of files are also labelled with incorrect ‘Last Updated’ dates. Below is a selection of what we have, labelled by their (approximate) effective date where it has been possible to discern.

Standing Policy as of..

The Secretary must give notice of expiring Standing Policy items at least four days before the last JCR Meeting of the policy’s lifetime. The JCR Secretary must also give notice under JCR Constitution, Article §4 when they may factual alterations to the Constitution’s appendices or referencing. Notices are provided here:

Notice of Expiring Standing Policy Item (22/5/2020) 

Notice of an Update to the Constitution’s Referencing (20/2/2020)

Notice of Expiring Standing Policy Item (16/1/2020)