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The Committee

The JCR committee is responsible for organising the JCR.

The JCR Committee comprises Officers (elected annually) and Reps (appointed at JCR meetings and responsible for specific areas of JCR life). You can find out more about the JCR Officers below.

If you are interested in becoming a JCR Officer, please contact the President who can give you more information. If you are interested in becoming a Rep, come along to a JCR meeting, where you will be asked to give a short hust about why you want to do the role.


Email  jcr-vice-president[at]

The VP’s essential tasks are organising and running Freshers’ Week every 0th Week of Michaelmas (assisted by a wonderful Freshers’ Week Committee which they chair and select), throwing the Staff Christmas Party at the end of Michaelmas (helped by the Staff Liaison Reps), and creating and completing the Room Ballot every Hilary (a solo venture). Additionally, the VP steps in to assist the President when they are unable to fulfil part of their role, such as attending College meetings or chairing JCR meetings, but this is far from commonplace.

Hi, I’m Alfie, a jazz-doer bar-goer historian who occasionally dresses as Virgil Tracy from the hit supermarionation TV series, Thunderbirds, to lighten people’s moods and assuage any stress. When I’m not declaring war on LMH, slamming tequila or tooting my saxophone, I’m happy to help you out however the VP can!

Email  jcr-secretary[at]

The Secretary is the JCR bureaucrat. The Secretary is responsible for organising JCR Meetings; scheduling Committee Meetings; writing minutes for JCR Meetings and the Equalities Forum, and making sure the JCR has representation at Meetings with College. If it has the word ‘Minutes’ or ‘Meeting’ in it, it’s probably the Secretary’s job. 

Hi, I’m Ben [he/him], a 3rd year Geographer and JCR Secretary. When I’m not writing minutes, I’m reading about maps, at Raoul’s cocktail bar, or swimming at Iffley for fun. If you have any questions about how the JCR runs, or would like to get involved in any way, feel free to send me an email!

Email  jcr-treasurer[at]

The JCR Treasurer manages the accounts of the JCR. The Treasurer is responsible for setting the budget at the start of the year, and running the JCR Punt Club. Most of the time, the Treasurer is reimbursing any money that Officers and Reps spend on running events.

Hi, I’m Cas (they/them or he/him), a 4th year Mathematician. I sing in the Oxford Singers, play Dungeons and Dragons, and cook meals for my friends! If you ever want to chat, feel free to come say hi!

Email  jcr-acaffairs[at]

The Academic Affairs Officer is involved with almost anything related to academic matters in college. The main responsibility of the role is to run the annual Academic Feedback Process. They also host various events, such as study skills sessions, and represent the JCR at college meetings, including Ed Pol and Academic Services.

I’m Maddie, a third year Humsci. When I’m not doing the exciting business of AcAff, I take part in OULES (a student drama / musical theatre society), play DnD occasionally, and listen to podcasts. I love sushi (especially when it’s half price) and being a nerd about my degree.

Email   jcr-access[at]

The Access and Admissions Officer is involved with improving access and working with the college on admissions policy.

Abdul is passionate about improving access to the college and has been involved with various access initiatives, including the Muslim Access Conference. They hope to build on this experience in making the college a more accessible place.

Email  jcr-class[at]

Class Liberation Officer work focuses around the issues that are of concern to anyone who identifies as coming from disadvantaged socio-economic background, such as first generation or working class students in general. The aim is to address any issues that might be there, but also to create a welcoming space for self-expression and integration through meetings, lunches & brunches and drop-in sessions.

Heya! I’m Natalia, 3rd year geographer a Pole and a fellow first-gen :). 

When I’m not on the streets protesting some ridiculous stuff back home, you will find me reading Marx or trying to buy jazz vinyls as cheap as possible. Feel free to talk about dogs, cats, categorical imperative and egalitarianism anytime (seriously anytime, my sleep schedule is non-existent)

Email   jcr-disabilities[at]

The JCR, College and University should be a friendly and accessible place for everyone. The Disabilities Officer tries to make sure that the college community considers the needs of students who identify as having a disability. I also focus on making sure disabled student have the opportunity (with lots of free food) to raise any suggestions about how the college could do better in accommodating needs.

I’m Lachlann, a second year Historian. My personality is (obviously) largely shaped by the fact that I’m Scottish. If you have any questions, please feel free to find me or email me!

Email   jcr-discounts[at]

The Discounts Officer loves discounts, even more than the next person. As such, their role is to secure discounts at John’s students’ favourite shops – with the added benefit of supporting local Oxford businesses. The role also involves managing the Discounts Scheme social media presence and forming a partnership with businesses on the discounts scheme, which means striving to find other ways to support one another with special one-off events for discount card holders or helping them get more involved with supplying JCR events.

I’m Leo, a second year PPEist, and I spent so long thinking of what to write here I just gave up. Sometimes I forget I do a degree and think about discounts all day. Feel free to message me, particularly to ask for a particular discount or about this role; to stay up to date, the scheme really needs someone to run it, so become the Discounts Officer!! – you will get so so so much love.

Email   jcr-domsec[at]

Greg Howgego
Siobhan Pebody

Although we have some humdrum jobs (sorting laundry, meals, the camp-bed scheme) the main part of our job is organising the fabulous (and yet reasonably priced) JCR guest dinners, which happen twice a term.

Hi guys, I’m Greg, a 4th year medic, ex welfare officer, and ex hockey captain and ex domestic officer. Swipe right for guest dinners, welfare lunches, and hockey matches socials. Swipe left if you don’t like that I used my tinder bio for this (jk), that we never won a hockey match, or that I died of a caffeine overdose in 2016 (it just hasn’t worn off yet).

Hi, I’m Siobhan, and I’m a 3rd year History & Politics student. Harry told me that everyone had written theirs along the lines of “when I’m not doing x, you’ll find me doing y” and now I can’t think of anything else to write. So: when Greg and I aren’t wine tasting or decorating the hall at superhuman speed, you can usually find me playing netball for college or rugby at Iffley or, alternatively, with a big mug of tea in kendrew.

Email   jcr-entz[at]

Bridget Stuart
Gigi Williams

We organise and run BOPs, a pillar of the Oxford social scene. Held in college on a Saturday night with questionable themes, think youth club disco but with buckets of what is called “BOP juice”. BOPs are for everyone to relax and have a stupid time with mates.

I am Bridget, a 2nd Year Psych student and semi-pro Tesco wine sommelier. Along with my wife Gigi, we live to serve your Entz needs. 

I am Gigi, the College wife of the fantastic Bridget. I’m a second year music student. You’ll find me on the Kendrew events floor cutting shapes in questionable bop theme outfits.

Email   jcr-env-ethics[at]

The Environment and Ethics Officer cares about the environment and works to make the JCR more sustainable. One of the ways the E&E officer does this is through not using computers to fill in his website bio.

Ankit is a third year studying Biomedical Science. They believe that the E&E officer is one of the most important jobs of the JCR committee. They have tried to push college to divest from fossil fuels and get meat-free Mondays in hall.

Email   jcr-ethnicminorities[at]
The Ethnic Minorities Officer represents and supports the views of all ethnic minority students in the JCR, especially to the College and the wider University.

Karen is a 3rd year History student.

She is passionate about representing Ethnic Minority groups in College and is always willing to hear your views or any concerns you may have.

Email   jcr-international[at]

In collaboration with the MCR International Students Officer, the International Students Officer in charge of organising International Formal Hall, which is held every Wednesday of 5th Week. I also get to organise International Fresher’s Welcome during Freshers’ Week, as well as the occasional International Potluck.

Heya, I’m Caroline, a second-year biochemist. I’m American-Brazilian-Italian, but I born in the UK and grew up in Kazakhstan and now live in Austria. 

If you have any questions about living in Oxford as an international student, or just want to chat, feel free to message me.

Email   jcr-lgbtq[at]

The LGTBQ+ represents and supports all LGBTQ+ students in the JCR, especially to the College and the wider University. They also organise LGBTQ+ drinks at least once a term.

Amitai is the LGBTQ+ Officer, and is available to answer any of your questions!

Email  
Men & Minority Gender, Tom Johnson
Women & Minority Gender, Amelia Holt jcr-welfare-wmg[at]

Amelia Holt
Tom Johnson

There are two welfare officers, one representing men and minority genders (MMG) and the other representing women and minority genders (WMG). Together, the welfare officers work to look after the welfare of JCR members by distributing free sanitary products, condoms, and welfare information, as well as holding regular free welfare lunches.

Amelia is a 3rd year Theology student.

Tom is a 3rd year Medic.

Email   jcr-women[at]

The happy organiser of free biweekly lunches and sanitary products! Also responsible for other reimbursements (pregnany tests, morning after pill etc.) and organising annual events (Women’s dinner, Garden Party). 

Hello! I’m Jahnavi, a third year Engineer and this terms Women’s Officer! When I’m not over my head in sanitary products, you’ll find me napping on Kendrew sofas or in the queue for Najar’s. I’ve really enjoyed the past term of looking after the women of John’s and look forward to it in the future! Don’t hesitate to get in touch ! x

Email   jcr-returning[at]
The Returning Officer is responsible for running the JCR’s elections and the (seldom used) complaints procedure. They collect nominations, organise and chair hustings (as well as providing wine!) and oversee the voting. Unlike other officers, they are ratified in a JCR meeting in Trinity term instead of elected in Michaelmas.

I’m Chris, the current JCR Returning Officer. I’m a fourth-year mathematician and board games enthusiast (I also like coffee). When I’m not running elections or doing maths I can be found playing Hearthstone or watching random films.


Reps are ratified (or ‘approved’) in JCR meetings, rather than through a JCR-wide election. They fill smaller, often more specific roles. If you want to find out who the current Reps are, check the termcard. If you’re interesting in becoming a Rep, please contact the JCR Secretary.

The following is still a work in progress, and does not list all of our Reps:


The Art Reps primarily manage the JCR Art Collection, but are also instrumental in the organisation of our yearly Arts week and liaising with College on all things Art!


The Bike Reps are responsible for the administration of the free Bike Scheme, and ensure their continued maintenance.


The Charities Rep advertises our termly Charities meeting, and organises ‘stash’ (branded clothing) each year. They’re also always happy to hear suggestions on how the JCR can contribute to charitable causes!