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The Committee

The JCR committee is responsible for organising the JCR.

The JCR Committee comprises Officers (elected annually) and Reps (appointed at JCR meetings and responsible for specific areas of JCR life). You can find out more about the JCR Officers below.

If you are interested in becoming a JCR Officer, please contact the President who can give you more information. If you are interested in becoming a Rep, come along to a JCR meeting, where you will be asked to give a short hust about why you want to do the role.



The VP’s essential tasks are: organising and running Freshers’ Week every 0th Week of Michaelmas (assisted by a Freshers’ Week Committee which they chair and select); throwing the Staff Christmas Party at the end of Michaelmas; and creating and completing the Room Ballot every Hilary (a solo venture). Additionally, the VP steps in to assist the President when they are unable to fulfil part of their role, such as attending College meetings, but this is far from commonplace.

Hi, I’m Zara and I’m very excited to be your VP for the coming year.  Aside from helping Phil out wherever I can, I’m very keen to find out what everyone wants out of the JCR and will try my best to make as many of those things happen as possible. I am already bursting with new ideas about Freshers’ Week and stay tuned for my room ballot costume (it may involve face paint and a wig). You may find me on the Park End Cheese Floor and I’m happy to talk about JCR ideas there, but be sure to also drop me a message the next morning too.


The Secretary is the JCR bureaucrat. The Secretary is responsible for organising JCR Meetings; scheduling Committee Meetings; writing minutes for JCR Meetings and the Equalities Forum, and making sure the JCR has representation at Meetings with College. If it has the word ‘Minutes’ or ‘Meeting’ in it, it’s probably the Secretary’s job. 

Hello! I’m very grateful and excited to have been elected JCR Secretary. Beyond the key duties of organising meetings and writing minutes, I’m really looking forward to just helping the JCR in any way I can. The minutiae of JCR procedure may at times seem bland, but at its heart the JCR is a crucial service to St John’s students and I’m looking forward to helping it run in an efficient, transparent and understandable way. I’d be delighted to try and help with any questions about the running of the JCR, its procedure or just general queries about life in College (just email or message me). I can also help put you in touch with the relevant JCR Officer/Rep. (Sometimes I’m also a second-year History student.)


The JCR Treasurer manages the accounts of the JCR. The Treasurer is responsible for setting the budget at the start of the year, and running the JCR Punt Club. Most of the time, the Treasurer is reimbursing any money that Officers and Reps spend on running events.

Hi I’m Ben and in my first year studying Engineering. I’m excited to be part of a very welcoming JCR and thrilled to be part of how the budget can be best spent on the students here! Find me in kendrew or the library!


The Academic Affairs Officer is involved with almost anything related to academic matters in college. The main responsibility of the role is to run the annual Academic Feedback Process. They also host various events, such as study skills sessions, and represent the JCR at college meetings, including Ed Pol and Academic Services.

I’m Milo, a first year historian, who loves St John’s. As Academic Affairs officer, I really want to sustain the wonderful community of the college and ensure everyone is as happy with their teaching as they can be. If you ever have any concerns about Academic Affairs feel free to ask! I’m also really open to a chat about anything. Favourite topics include Gustavus Adolphus, Arsenal Football Club and the right way to cook pasta.


The Access and Admissions Officer, as the title suggests, helps the college in their work on widening access through their outreach work. This includes helping during the Open Day period, throughout the year as a Student Ambassador, and during the interview period.

Hey everyone, I’m a second year English student who feels very lucky to have been elected Access & Admissions Officer! As well as continuing the amazing access work college is already doing (such as on open days and with the Inspire Programme), I have some other ideas on how the JCR can work together on improving access (eg. by creating an alternative prospectus). Should you have any questions on how to get involved, or have any questions/ concerns relating to JCR access, don’t hesitate to send an email!

Email 

The Discounts Officer loves discounts, even more than the next person. As such, their role is to secure discounts at John’s students’ favourite shops – with the added benefit of supporting local Oxford businesses. The role also involves managing the Discounts Scheme social media presence and forming a partnership with local businesses, which means striving to find other ways to support one another with special one-off events for discount card holders or helping them get more involved with supplying JCR events.

Hi everyone! I’m Dara, and I’m a first year PPEist – I’m incredibly excited to be your JCR Discounts Officer for this year! I’m honoured to be part of such a wonderful JCR committee, and I’m really looking forward to working with businesses across Oxford to help deliver the best discounts for John’s students. You’ll usually find me hanging around TW or the library – do feel free to drop me a message if you’d like to see us partner with a certain business, or if you have any questions at all about the scheme (or even just to chat about anything else!).

Email 

Benny Clinch
Wil Anderson

Although we have some humdrum jobs (sorting laundry, meals, the camp-bed scheme) the main part of our job is organising the fabulous (and yet reasonably priced) JCR guest dinners, which happen twice a term.

Hi all – I’m Benny, a second year English student. This year I’m one of the domestic officers alongside Wil, and our main job will be organising two cracking guest dinners every term. You can mostly find me in kendrew, the bar, or right above the bar in the TW5 kitchens cooking pasta.

Hello all! I’m Wil, a second year English student. As your Domestic Officer most of my work (other than Guest Dinners of course!) will be behind the scenes. Contact me if you have any feedback regarding food in Hall and/or Kendrew, the camp-bed scheme, laundry facilities, and any other domestic issues in college you think need upgrading or that you think could be improved.

Email 

Tara Daemi
Danny Roade

We organise and run BOPs, a pillar of the Oxford social scene. Held in college on a Saturday night with (sometimes) questionable themes, think youth club disco but with buckets of what is called “BOP juice”. BOPs are for everyone to relax and have a stupid time with mates.

Hi, I’m Tara- a first year History&Economics student and a huuuge bop fan. You’ll usually find me drowning in paper in the library or bop juice in the events room (and having coffee in kendrew cafe in between!) Alongside my fellow entz rep and college husband, I will try to make your year as fun as possible!

I am Danny, one of your Entz Officers.

Email 

The Environment and Ethics Officer cares massively about the environment and works to make the JCR and College as sustainable as possible. They also run E&E Teas, full of vegan snacks. If you have any ideas about how the JCR/College could do better, be sure to get in touch!

Hi I’m Bridget (she/her) and I’m a 2nd year Psychologist. My goal is progress the sustainable and ethical development of our lovely JCR. I want to focus on sustainable food, recycling, divestment (+ reinvestment) and generally promoting community-led environmental/ethical initiatives and activities. Please get in touch with any ideas! A bit about me: I like art, reading, my friends and natureee (duh).

Email 

The Equality and Diversity Officer is supported by a number of E&D Reps, who meet as a JCR sub-committee and work to put on events that cater for members across the community. They can be contacted through the E&D Officer, and cover Class, Disabilities, Ethnic Minorities, International Students, LGBTQ+ and Women’s.

I’m Jahnavi (she/her), a 3rd year Engineer. As ex-Women’s Officer I am very keen to sustain the friendly atmosphere within college to ensure that diverse members of the JCR feel included and welcome – I am excited to work alongside the E&D Reps to do so! To follow the classic ‘when I’m not doing this, I’m doing that’ vibe, if I’m not drowning in Google forms, sending emails or frantically placing food orders, you’ll find me playing for the Saints football team, napping in the study centre or cooking up a storm because I  l o v e f o o d.


The IT Officer keeps the JCR website working and up to date, so they’re the person to contact if something is broken or missing. They’re also in charge of loaning out goodies like the JCR camera and backup laptops to students in need.

Email 

Grace Goodier
Suzanne Kapelus
Maksim Richards

There are three welfare officers who are all peer support trained. Together, the welfare officers work to look after the welfare of JCR members by distributing free sanitary products, condoms, and welfare information, as well as organising regular free welfare lunches and TW (Tommy White) Teas.

Hello, my name is Grace and I am a second-year theologian.

Hi, I’m Suzanne and I’m a 2nd year Archaeology and Anthropology student. I’m really happy to be spreading welfare love all around college; welfare in John’s is already pretty good but we want to make it great! I really hope everyone feels free to come and talk to me whenever or send me a message. All I want to do is make John’s friendly, inclusive and supportive home to all the JCR.

Hi, my name is Maksim and I’m a 2nd year medic.

Email 

The Women’s Officer is the happy organiser of free bi-weekly lunches and sanitary products! They can also help organise reimbursement for pregnancy tests, the morning after pill etc. and they organise some annual events (Women’s dinner, Garden Party) too.

Hello! I’m Ava, a second-year Human Sciences student and I’m very excited to be your Women’s Officer this year! I want to help make St John’s a happy and inspiring place for all women – I am here to provide free food, be someone to talk to, and organise fun events. Beyond the JCR, I love art, reading, sleeping and being in nature. You’re likely to find me drinking tea in Kendrew, napping in the library or relaxing in the gardens – if you have any questions or ever want to chat feel free to say hello or drop me a message!

Email 
The Returning Officer is responsible for running the JCR’s elections and the (seldom used) complaints procedure. They collect nominations, organise and chair hustings (as well as providing wine!) and oversee the voting. Unlike other officers, they are ratified in a JCR meeting in Trinity term instead of elected in Michaelmas.

The Acting Returning Officer is currently Zara Hussain (Vice President), who can be emailed at If you are interested in this role, please come to a JCR meeting to seek ratification.


Reps are ratified (or ‘approved’) in JCR meetings, rather than through a JCR-wide election. They fill smaller, often more specific roles. If you want to find out who the current Reps are, check the termcard. If you’re interesting in becoming a Rep, please contact the JCR Secretary.

The following is still a work in progress, and does not list all of our Reps:


The Art Reps primarily manage the JCR Art Collection, but are also instrumental in the organisation of our yearly Arts week and liaising with College on all things Art!


The Bike Reps are responsible for the administration of the free Bike Scheme, and ensure their continued maintenance.


The Charities Rep advertises our termly Charities meeting, and organises ‘stash’ (branded clothing) each year. They’re also always happy to hear suggestions on how the JCR can contribute to charitable causes!