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Freshers Fair

The Freshers Fair is the best way to find out all about the clubs, sports and societies available both within college and at the university as a whole. Be sure to sign up to anything and everything which piques your interest – you can always unsubscribe if you decide its not for you! A full list of societies can be found on the register of student clubs so you can have a look before you ‘visit’ the fair!

Details for Freshers Fair 2021 have yet to be confirmed.

Make sure to sign up for your subject/department specific society! Events range from crew dates (see jargon buster!) to black tie balls and often some more academic offerings such as talks and workshops. These are all fantastic ways to get to know your coursemates from other colleges and enrich your regular studies.

Freshers fair was great! I made sure to sign up to anything and everything I thought was interesting and then, when all the emails came through with more details, I was able to pick which ones I really wanted to commit myself to – Andrew, Chemistry