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You might be surprised to hear that Oxford isn’t just about studying! Extra-curricular activities are a vital part of the Oxford experience and provide enrichment and relaxation after a busy day or week.

Play an instrument? Like singing? Well you’re in for a treat! Oxford has umpteen choirs, orchestras and independent student-led group to get involved in. Check out our music section for more info and links!

‘What about sports’, I hear you cry! Well, almost every sport you can think of has an active community either at college or university level. From rugby to rowing and even quidditch there’s something for seasoned players or those wanting to try something new! Read more in our sports section.

The best way to find out about getting involved with music/sport and other extra-curriculars (like the multitude of societies on offer) is to visit the virtual freshers fair during Wednesday of freshers week. Click through to the freshers fair page for more details!