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Planning to apply to St John's?

You can find information about how to apply on the College website. Putting St John’s as your college will in no way harm your chances of getting a place at Oxford. If you have any more specific questions about the process or St John’s specifically, use the form at the bottom to get in touch with the Access Office or email

We are friendly, inclusive and down-to-earth community.

St John’s College and the JCR are both committed to accessibility and diversity. The JCR runs numerous ‘liberation’ campaigns to make sure college is welcoming to everyone, regardless of background, and act to make the university altogether more diverse and inclusive.

  • “Being a part of the community of women at St John’s is a pleasure; we celebrate our strong community at free lunches fortnightly as well as the annual Women’s Dinner every Hilary term!” — JCR Women’s Officer
  • “St John’s College is a welcoming place for LGBTQ+ people. There are regular events in college which create welcoming queer spaces, as well as a range of other intersectional events. The JCR has a gender expression fund which GNC members of the JCR can access with ease. The JCR has an LGBTQ+ Officer and a group of reps who lobby for queer liberation, organise socials in college, and are always available to talk! The university has a wider LGBTQ+ society which connects all colleges, as well as dedicated Oxford SU employees to represent our concerns.” — JCR LGBTQ+ Officer
  • “St John’s is one of the better colleges for working class students in that we have a dedicated Class Officer position in the JCR who regularly organise events for working class students, as well as having generous bursaries, special travel, study and book grants as well as low accommodation costs. There’s also a wider inter-collegiate working class community throughout Oxford with groups such as the Oxford SU Class Act Campaign and the First Gen Society organising university wide socials, activism opportunities and settling in schemes. To any working class person interested in applying I would recommend looking up the UNIQ summer school to get a free taste of life at Oxford during the summer” —JCR Class Liberation Officer
  • “One of the ways college supports international students is through giving students 21 days of vacation residence for free each year. This applies for all students, but is especially beneficial for international students coming from abroad, allowing them to arrive earlier and unpack their stuff stress-free. Once a term the International Students Officers of the JCR and MCR organise an international dinner where a different cuisine is showcased every term. The Oxford SU has a dedicated team to represent international students and raise their concerns.” — JCR International Students Officer
  • “The college do their best to support applicants with disabilities; for example, by arranging for accessible rooms during interviews.
    The College has old buildings and some have limited access, but there is a guide to building access on their website and the College have a number of accessible student-rooms.
    Within the JCR, there are termly free lunches for disabled students. As well as numerous opportunities to feedback to college on any particular issues facing the community.” — JCR Disabilities Officer

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If you have a question, don’t hesitate to ask us!

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