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Clubs and Societies

There are a variety of clubs and societies in College that involve JCR members, including a college magazine and the boat club.

Some clubs and societies are directly funded by the JCR and, if a club or society doesn’t exist for you, the JCR is always happy to consider supporting a new club or society! JCR members are also active members of college clubs and societies that have both JCR and MCR members, such as the boat club (for rowing), as well as various university clubs and societies.

JCR Clubs and Societies

The JCR currently supports 1555 (the college magazine). You can read more about the magazine by following this link.

College Clubs and Societies

The college supports a whole variety of sports teams that include members from both the JCR and MCR. You can read more about them on the sports page of this section.

Another wonderful asset supported by the College is the Choir. You can find out more about the choir in this section.

Start a Club or Society

If you’re interested in starting a club or society and would like to get JCR support and funding, contact the JCR Treasurer.