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Room Ballot

The JCR is responsible for allocating rooms to returning students.

St John’s has a wide variety of rooms. For incoming freshers, rooms will be allocated by College, taking into account your subject and the availability of accommodation. Usually, freshers are given rooms in the Sir Thomas White building (TW) or the Beehive in North Quad.

Room ballot

For students in their second year, the JCR runs a ballot allowing students to either apply to live with others in a College-owned house or apply for a room in College, based on the room-grade of their previous room. Room grades are calculated by the JCR, considering the pros and cons of a given room. Students with lower graded rooms in their first year will usually end up getting better rooms later on in their second, third or fourth years.

Students in their final year have the option of entering a special ‘finalist ballot’, which gives them the first choice on College rooms, again done in the order of previous room grades. Students on a four-year course have the option of entering the finalist ballot either in their third year or their fourth year.

You can find out more about rooms in College by visiting the JCR room database, where you can read review from students and find out more about room grades.

Off-ballot rooms

If, as the result of disability-related support needs, you require a specific room in College (for example, a room with ensuite facilities), you can apply to the College to get an ‘off-ballot’ room. More information will be circulated around the time of the JCR room ballot, informing you of how to apply.

Room rent

Accommodation costs are decided by the College using their own room grading system. The grades that College use to assess rent often vary from the grades the JCR uses to calculate the room ballot. You can find out more about rent in the Domestic Arrangements, which can be found on the College website.

Changes for 2021

Please note: in 2021, the room ballot will take place in at the beginning of Trinity Term.